What are the Tourist Attractions on Mozambique Island? Follow the Love Africa Travel Guide

What are the tourist attractions on Mozambique Island? Follow the Love Africa Travel Guide

Southern Africa is a land that still holds many unknown treasures. It is something that you will realize when you discover the many things to do in Mozambique Island, a country that does not leave any traveler indifferent.

At Love Africa Travel, our Mozambique travel guide is at your disposal to organize your next vacation in South Africa yourself! Here we are bringing together a large amount of practical information and local advice on the country. This comprehensive and detailed vacation guide was put together by our local agents, who are passionate about their country and tourism in general. 

Therefore, before booking our New York to Mozambique Island Holidays package, you should know the ideal season to visit this place. Consult our travel advisor and find out the right time to explore this unknown country.

To organize your stay flawlessly, our Mozambique travel guide will enlighten you on entry formalities, budget, currency, health, security, and much other essential practical information. Let’s find out without delay!

Know About the Eternal Charm of Mozambique Island

Mozambique Island: Things to Do + Travel Guide

This large Portuguese-speaking country located in the southeast of the African continent is rarely visited by travelers. Those who take the trouble to go there will discover heavenly beaches, bordered by the azure Indian Ocean and coconut trees swaying above the white sand. A country of fishermen with decrepit colonial baroque churches, Mozambique can be visited by following practically the only road in the country which runs along the coast. 

The capital of Mozambique Island is Maputo, a large megacity that is worth a stop for its small but authentic historic centre. Don’t miss its incredible fish market.

Therefore, are you planning to book a New York to Mozambique Island Holidays tour package? Visit this place once. Love Africa Travel advises you to book as early as possible to benefit from the best rate and ensure availability of the accommodation offered. We take care of everything, down to the smallest detail.

When to go to Mozambique?

Everything You Need to Know About Mozambique

As you can visit this place any time, book a New York to Mozambique Island tour package on any of your upcoming Holidays this year.

In the dry season, temperatures range from April to November, with 15°C to 20°C being recorded as the coolest daytime temperatures. The sky is mostly blue and the air is dry.

The hot and humid season extends from November to March. Summers are generally wetter in the north. Temperatures then oscillate between 22 and 32 degrees. The north and centre of the country receive more precipitation than the rest of the country. The rainy season can be marked from December to March. Temperatures fluctuate on average between 26 and 31°C during the day.

If you book the Best New York to Mozambique Island Holidays tour package from Love Africa Travel, we offer the best safaris from April to November. The safaris are intimate and personalized according to your interests.

7 amazing Things to do in Mozambique Island

1. Diving in the waters of the Bazaruto National Park

In the province of Inhambane, located in the south of Mozambique, there is a true paradise for lovers of diving and underwater life. This is the Bazaruto National Park. The waters that surround them are truly dreamlike, mixing endless green and blue tones. Below them, the explosion of colors is even more striking. So, choose the Best tour package to New York to Mozambique Island Holidays from us and enjoy the essence of the water.

2. Live the quiet fishing life of Vilanculos

Appreciating the quiet local life of a fishing village is another of the best things to do in Mozambique. You will have the opportunity to do so in the small town of Vilanculos, which serves as a shuttle for excursions to the Bazaruto archipelago. In the quiet streets of the town, life passes at a different speed. You will be able to appreciate the local interaction in its small market, where you can eat for a couple of euros.

3. Search for lions in Gorongosa National Park

If you want to reserve New York to Mozambique Island Holidays package, Gorongosa National Park is your best option. This vast wilderness area, stretching across the southern edge of the Great Rift Valley, is a biodiversity hotspot. Elephants, buffaloes, zebras, and a wide variety of antelope are always present.

4. Enjoy nightlife and history in Maputo

Without a doubt, exploring Maputo is one of the best things to do in Mozambique. Also, we can safely say that Maputo has the best nightlife in southern Africa. So, opt for the Best tour package to New York to Mozambique Island Holidays and enjoy this place with your family at its fullest. 

5. Snorkeling in Lake Niassa

Another of the best places to see in Mozambique is the famous Lake Niassa, also known as Lake Malawi, since a large part of its extension is located in that African country that borders Mozambique. Lake Niassa is home to a staggering 850 species of fish. This is more than the freshwater species in North America and Europe combined.

6. Explore the interior of Mozambique in Gurué and Mount Namuli

If you feel like living a great adventure, we recommend that you arm yourself with patience and take slow trains and crowded shared vans to reach the town of Gurué, located in the northern third of the country, near the border with Malawi.

7. Explore the colonial legacy on the Island of Mozambique

If you want to know an important part of African history, visiting the Island of Mozambique should be a things to do in Mozambique. So, don’t delay much! Book a New York to Mozambique Island Holidays tour package and explore the hidden gem of this place.

Last words

Mozambique Beach Vacation - Two Guys Abroad

What do you think? Are you ready to travel to Mozambique? Then contact Love Africa Travel today and book the best New York to Mozambique Island Holidays tour package at the best price. Along with the Mozambique Island tour, we also offer many packages such as Atlanta to Sabi Sands safari, Atlanta to African Island holiday packages, Atlanta to Botswana Holiday Packages, New York to South Africa tour, Miami to Botswana Holiday Packages, Oakland to South Africa tour, California to South Africa tour, and much more.

We always help our people to know how to discover these magical places in the best conditions. So, plan a trip with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Mozambique Island?

Mozambique Island is a beautiful island paradise located off the coast of Mozambique, in East Africa. It’s known for its stunning beaches, clear waters, and rich history.

2. What kind of accommodation is available on Mozambique Island?

Mozambique Island offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxurious resorts to charming guesthouses. Love Africa Travel can help you choose the perfect place to stay based on your budget and preferences.

3. What is the best time of year to visit Mozambique Island?

The best time to visit Mozambique Island is during the dry season, which is from April to November. This is when the weather is sunny and warm, with little rain.

4. What currency is used in Mozambique?

The currency in Mozambique is the Mozambican Metical (MTn). US Dollars (USD) are also sometimes accepted, but you’ll get a better rate if you exchange your money for Meticais.

5. What is the language spoken in Mozambique?

The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. However, many people also speak local languages like Makhuwa and Changana. English is spoken in some tourist areas.

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