Discover the 8 Most Paradisiacal African Islands that You Will Love to Discover

Discover the 8 most Paradisiacal African islands that you will love to discover

If you’re looking for white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, rich history, and friendly locals, Africa is the place to be! The African continent has been influenced by cultures from around the world. From Kruger, Sabi Sand, and Madikwe to Phinda and Shamwari- Africa offers stunning landscapes and wildlife that attract the lenses of photographers and environmental enthusiasts from around the world.

While Africa is famous for its forest and wildlife experiences, the small islands dotted off the coast deserve attention too! Because they are unique places with extraordinary beauty that you need to know.

Need a dream place to escape to? This blog is for you. We have listed some beautiful Islands in Africa that will make your Atlanta to African Island holiday tour packages unforgettable. Here, you can discover the most idyllic side of the African continent, beyond the savannah and inhospitable landscapes. We have everything in Africa.

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Discover the Islands of Africa:

10 Beautiful Islands Off the Coast of Africa – SafariBookings

  • Mogundula, Mozambique

It is in the Quirimbas archipelago that you will find Mogundula, an almost uninhabited island. There are just a few villas to accommodate vacationers wanting to cut themselves off from the rest of the world, as television and wi-fi are not among the services available. On this piece of land of approximately 21 hectares, it is the duo of white sand and turquoise water that wins the prize. The coral reefs visible during a snorkeling session and the dolphins swimming around the kayaks add to the decor. After your escapades, enjoy resting in the shade of a palm tree while fresh seafood cooks on hot coals. A stay in Mogundula is a bit like a shipwreck experience but in extremely comfortable accommodations. So, book our Atlanta to African Island holiday packages and enjoy the serene view from your room. 

  • Dream Islands: Reunion, Pemba, and Mumbo Island

Located east of Madagascar, Reunion is another of those African islands that perish from a dream. It houses very attractive and varied landscapes, since, in addition to beaches with crystal clear waters, there is a lot of vegetation, forests, waterfalls, valleys and volcanoes.

Less known is the island of Pemba, but part of its charm lies in that, it is an ideal destination for travelers looking for places with few people. Here you can disconnect from everything, relax, and be surprised by the colors beneath the surface of the sea while snorkeling. To visit this place and feel the magical charm of this Island, book our Atlanta to African Island holiday tour packages and connect with the lovely nature. 

Mumbo is even more unique, as it is an uninhabited island that can be accessed from the Cape Maclear Peninsula. There is only one hotel complex, but it is extraordinary. When you set foot in Mumbo, you will feel like you are in paradise.

  • Boraha Island, Madagascar

Sainte-Marie Island, which the locals call Nosy Boraha, is full of virgin beaches. It is advisable to get on a bike or put on good walking shoes to explore the main island. You will come across small fishing villages and vast expanses of sand. The Ampanihy peninsula is a must for anyone wishing to venture into a mangrove. The waters are quite deep, which can make swimming difficult. On the other hand, we can also include canoe rides in our best Atlanta to African Island holiday packages. Also, don’t miss the Ikalalao forest where you will have the opportunity to observe orchids of multiple varieties. If you want to see more local animal species like lemurs and geckos, we recommend Ambodena Forest. Almost everywhere on Nosy Boraha, the aroma of cloves perfumes the air.

  • Zanzibar Island

Located off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is another of those wonderful archipelagos of African islands that make us think of exotic beaches and spectacular sunsets. Unguja, its main island, is one of the must-see destinations thanks to its interesting historical and cultural heritage. 

However, the traveler should not forget the more than 70 satellite islands that make up this archipelago. Zanzibar’s north coast has some of the best beaches, as well as the most affordable hotels. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a peaceful holiday without any other concerns, book our Atlanta to African Island holiday packages and stay in this pristine and beautiful destination for some time. 

Zanzibar: The Spice Islands | Asia Dreams

  • Mauritius Island

Mauritius is another of the African islands that also functions as a great tourist attraction thanks to the fact that it has endless paradisiacal beaches, abundant vegetation, and much, much tranquillity. Especially on the eastern coast, where a virgin natural environment is preserved through silky white sand beaches, rows of tropical palm trees, and warm waters of a beautiful turquoise color. Without a doubt, this is the perfect setting for a dream vacation. It is a tourist destination that is characterized by the quality of its hotels. And if you want to alternate relaxing moments with activities, there is nothing better than hiking, snorkeling, or kayaking. So, book the best Atlanta to African Island holiday packages and visit this place once to feel the mesmerizing aura of nature. 

  • Praslin, Seychelles

The island of the black parrot or more simply Praslin has an interesting mountainous terrain. The signposted circuits in the Vallée de Mai will take you through tropical landscapes where some rare birds, such as black parrots, have built their nests. Look up to admire the abundance of coconut butt. If you’re looking for pretty beaches, there are them all over the coast, including Anse Volbert and Anse Lazio. The sand is generally fine and it is common to find large rocks to benefit from a quiet corner. 

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