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Chumbe Island – Zanzibar

A beautiful island just off Zanzibar which has a protected Marine Reserve so has fabulous snorkeling.

An Eco-friendly island with a reef sanctuary and forest reserve , see the fascinating coconut crab, swim with turtles and other fascinating fish.

R3400 per person sharing per night.

Includes accommodation, soft drinks, snorkeling activies, boat transfer to the island etc.


If you’re a nature lover, enjoy scuba diving, or are simply looking for a holiday destination where you can laze on the beach all day, then Chumbe Island is the place for you. The entire island is a nature reserve and marine protected area, so all guest accommodation on the island has been built in such a way so as to have absolutely no impact on the local environment.

Not only are the bungalows eco-friendly, but so is everything else as well, from the water and lighting supply, to air conditioning, and even the sewage. Non-organic products are avoided, and even the soap provided for guests is produced by the local women in Zanzibar.

Plenty of activities are to be had on Chumbe Island as well as the surrounding area, such as exploring the natural beauty of the reserve, snorkeling in the shallow waters through the spectacular and unique Reef Sanctuary, or just lying on the beautiful beach and watching the dhows drift by.


  1. Lea

    My fav eco-lodge to date.
    Perfect quite getaway (only a few bungalows so not too many people you have to share the island with).
    Snorkelling is good around the island.
    Island is small and can walk around it during load tide.
    Look out for the large coconut crabs at night!

    If you are looking for that relaxing holiday, where you can read a book (or six) and enjoy a swim in the warm water, then this is a must

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