Vamizi Island – Mozambique


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Why Visit

Discover some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs, home to a plethora of kaleidoscopic marine life
Dive at Neptune’s Arm, one of the top ten dive sites in the world
Spend a languid afternoon tucking into a mouth-watering castaway picnic at one of the various secluded sites on the island
Kayak through the island’s beautiful estuary that is flanked by a rare mangrove forest
Unwind in a luxurious villa, with a private chef and vehicle on standby to cater to your every need
Toast the sunset from the comfort of a traditional sailing dhow
Indulge in a soul-soothing massage treatment or greet the day with a tranquil yoga session.

From 2 people to a family or group holiday of 16 people you can have an unbelievable island holiday at Vamizi.

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Seemingly endless stretches of wild, deserted beaches lend themselves to quiet hour-long walks, as pristine Indian Ocean waters lap along the coastline, enticing snorkellers and scuba divers to explore its kaleidoscopic reefs. Tuck into a mouth-watering castaway picnic, toast the sunset from a traditional dhow, try your hand at deep-sea fishing and welcome the seasonal arrival of baby green turtles as they hatch from protected sites along the island. This is a destination to be explored at your own pace. A setting to not only reconnect with loved ones but with yourself, and the opportunity to enjoy island living at its finest.

The waters surrounding &Beyond Vamizi Island boast some of the most significant and endangered habitats and wildlife in the western Indian Ocean, with over 180 species of pristine coral and over 400 species of reef fish. They have been deemed one of the healthiest coral reef ecosystems in the world, drawing in diving enthusiasts from around the globe – most notably to Neptune’s Arm, which features as one of the ultimate dive sites to explore. The island is also a sanctuary for mangrove forests, one of the earth’s most threatened habitats.


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