Tswalu safari Lodge Kalahari 3 nights special


R70,400 R65,000

Tswalu Kalahari safari 3 nights
R65000 per person on All Inclusive including all game activites.
Fly from Johannesburg or Cape Town. Flights not included.
Get up close with Meerkats, Pangolin, aardvark & so many more.

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Tswalu safari lodge in the Kalahari

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Tswalu Safari lodge in the Kalahari is South Africa’s largest private game reserve, now protecting over 110,000 hectares of spectacular grasslands and mountains. We take conservation as our absolute priority; our vision is to “restore the Kalahari to itself.” No more than 30 guests at a time can discover the beauty of this arid savannah, its diverse wildlife and the serenity of what may well be South Africa’s last great wilderness.

We hope that by redefining the way in which wilderness conservation and research work hand in hand with our guests’ experience and the engagement of our community, we can create an inspirational legacy which secures this special place for future generations.

With a maximum of 10 private vehicles in over 110,000 hectares, Tswalu Safari lodge offers
extraordinary privacy in which to explore a vast, pristine wilderness.

Have an unbelievable safari and also see the more unusual animals like aardvark, pangolin , habituated meerkats and so much more.


The word "Tswalu" means “a new beginning" and Tswalu Kalahari is driven by two ambitions: to create an inspirational experience for its guests, and a conservation vision, to restore the Kalahari to itself.

These two goals sit in perfect equilibrium; each guest contributes directly to the sustainability of the reserve in a true model of eco-tourism.


Game drives at Tswalu will be completely tailored to your particular interests. There are no set routes or times here – guests determine their own adventure from the outset.

As well as discovering many rare and endangered species, we believe everyone leaves with a deep appreciation of the beauty of this entire eco-system.


Guided bush walks are wonderful at Tswalu. We want people to get even closer to the land - to touch the unique vegetation, learn about each plant’s extraordinary properties, inspect nests and burrows, and examine the smallest insect.

A morning might begin by walking up to a meerkat colony as they first emerge to warm themselves in the sunshine before scampering off to forage. And at the end of the day, as the sun sets, so the sounds and sights of the desert change; night walks give you the chance of exceptional sightings such as aardvark, aardwolf, porcupine or brown hyena.


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