Lodges in the Kruger National Park & surrounding reserves.

There are so many different lodges and game reserves in the Kruger National Park and it can get quite overwhelming when planning a holiday. There are great accommodation options depending on budget, the traversing area is often the same in different Parks so it doesn't make the sightings any better but maybe your time at camp more comfortable.

The main parks around the Kruger National Park are:
Klaserie Game Reserve
Balule Game Reserve
Sabi Sands
Within the Kuger National Park you get Sanparks accommodation and lodges that have concessions within Kruger like:
Hoyo Hoyo
Jock Safari Lodge
Rhino Post
Singita Sweni
The Outpost
Lion Sands
Parfuri lodge

What to expect at a private lodge:

- Breakfast daily

- Lunch daily

- Dinner daily

- Teas/coffees

- Snacks on safaris

- Morning safari daily

- Afternoon safari daily

- Optional walking safari daily

- Accommodation

Further to this, dependent on the lodge you pick, you also may get all beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic), laundry, and WiFi included in your rate too. Rates start at around R1900 per person per night and can go up to R16,000+ per person per night.

Not all of the lodges are expensive - there are many great affordable options like Africa on Foot, Shindzela, Gomo Gomo, Elephant Plains, nThambo, Ndutzi, Shindzela to name a few.

Please note that the rate you pay does not reflect game viewing but the level of luxury. And even though the entire Kruger area is 2.2million hectares in size, it is Important to note that a lodge in a private reserve can only drive on their own traversing area - which starts at 650ha and the largest one is around 20,000ha. A traversing area is where the lodge can drive on safari. So, generally speaking, the larger your traversing area is, the more habitats it can hold, and thus a wider variety of animals can call it home.Some of the smaller traversing areas are in very wildlife dense areas.

The game drives take place on specialized open topped 4x4 vehicles that seat up to 10 people each. Some lodges have a rule that they only allow 6 people maximum per vehicle to ensure comfortable viewing for all. Leading the drive is a team of a highly qualified and experienced game ranger and a tracker, who are there to find the wildlife and educate you about any animals you may encounter. The game drives last for around 3 hours each, but can be longer depending on what you see.

When staying at a lodge, You'll be woken up early morning for coffee and a snack before heading out on a game drive over sunrise. Arriving back at your lodge around 9, 9:30 you will have breakfast, and then free time from around 11 - 2. During the free time you'll be able to catch up on some sleep, read a book, chat to the ranger, go for a swim, relax... Or even go for a game walk in the bush with your game ranger. Depending on your lodge, you may even be able to view animals right from the lodge! Some have waterholes in view of the camp which is a great attraction for the wildlife. Or, some are perched up high, overlooking massive dry riverbeds etc where animals can often be seen wandering down - also good to know when choosing a lodge.

Around 1 or 2pm It's lunch, and then it's time to relax a bit before the second safari of the day around 3 or 4pm. This also lasts about 3 hours, where you'll arrive back at the lodge for a pre-dinner drink and to freshen up before enjoying dinner.

The game ranger also stops on both game drives for snacks and coffee/tea in the morning, or snacks and a sundownder drink in the afternoon.

Some lodges have extra's like Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Lion Sands that offer a sleep out at a treehouse, normally at an extra expense but definitely worth it!

Another thing to take into account when choosing a lodge is the ease of getting there, transfers can be quite expensive and different lodges are closer to certain airports so definitely take that into account when looking around.

Contact us for great rates and advice according to your budget and interests.

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